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Mediation vs. Arbitration

Mediation and arbitration are generally contractually agreed upon
substitutes for resolving disputes as opposed to resorting to a court to
resolve it. The purpose and goals of mediation and arbitration, however,
are quite different and often misunderstood.
Going on Now
One Mediation: Step-By-Step
How to Prepare
Parties should consider what both sides may want in
negotiating a resolution and prioritize these goals.
Consideration should be paid to the emotional and financial
costs of not resolving the matter, the likelihood of success in
court (if a legal dispute), and what each party may seek and
If Resolution Is Reached
If an agreement is reached, a document will be drafted that
captures all aspects of the agreements reached. When parties
have legal counsel, this document may include an agreement
for the attorneys to prepare a more formal document that
incorporates the mediation document.
Joint Sessions and Caucuses
Usually the parties begin mediation together in a joint session
led by the mediator. After the mediator's introduction, each
party may give an opening statement about the dispute. While
the mediator may then keep the parties together, frequently
parties are separated into different rooms where the mediator
will "caucus" privately with each party. Caucuses facilitate the
flow of information and offers between the parties.
What to Expect
Prior to most mediation sessions, the mediator may contact
the parties to pinpoint the scope of the dispute and to assist
the parties in preparing for negotiations. Some mediators
request a "statement" of the dispute in advance of their
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"Crash Course Divorce"

A 1.5 Hour tutorial on the divorce process,
options, and more.
A 30 Minute Session on Children's Issues
follows this segment for an additional fee.

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Registration includes a copy of "Strategic Preparation for
Divorce Mediation Success
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Welcome to One Mediation. . .
Located in Buckhead, One Mediation specializes in providing professional and
confidential mediation and arbitration services.

One Mediation is unique in its focus on Family matters and Divorce issues. Facing
divorce? We are a good place to start for information and referrals.

We provide information about the separation and divorce process with our "Crash
Course Divorce" seminar. Information is a good friend during the divorce
transition. Additionally, we provide programs that are tailored to prepare you to
negotiate the terms of your divorce and to direct you to solid resources.

Separation Program

Divorce Program

Divorce Med-Arb Program

Find out here why couples choose to mediate a divorce and some benefits of it.

Attorneys can schedule our mediators for appointments online without
necessitating multiple calls to coordinate. Meet our panel of professionals by
clicking here.

We also support the 2013-14 Divorce Hot Shot series and hold lunchtime
webinars on divorce issues!