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The Separation Program
One Mediation is your one stop mediation shop that assists spouses with addressing
issues involving their children during or in anticipation of a separation. The
Separation Program involves two steps:

1. Orientation with a Mediation Coach
2. Mediation Session

In The Separation Program, each spouse is assigned a "Mediation Coach." This coach
helps the spouse prepare for mediation through an orientation, in part using the
Financial Affidavit (hyperlinked) used in divorce proceedings. During orientation,
each spouse will identify what issues and records relating to the children of the
marriage will be needed and/or helpful at Mediation. The coach also will take time to
explain the mediation process, what to expect, and how to prepare for their Opening
Statements and negotiations. After completing orientation, spouses can choose to
schedule more sessions with their coach for an additional fee, if desired.

After both spouses complete orientation, One Mediation will schedule the Mediation
Session for the spouses (locations outside of Atlanta are available for mediation
sessions). The mediator will not be the same person that served as a coach to either
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In The Separation Program, the mediation session will address issues relating to the children of the marriage. Generally, those issues include:

- Desired Custody and Decisionmaking Arrangements (e.g., school, medical, religious, etc.)
- Parenting (or Visitation) Schedules, to include Holidays
- Child Support (temporary or ongoing)
- Friends and Family Communications
- Child Discipline and Behavior Agreements " Morality Clauses
- Modification Provisions
- Communication Agreements (for example, how separation issues are communicated to the children and how communications between parents will
- Child-called meetings with parents, with or without a third party

The mediator will work with the parties to forge agreements where possible. A great outcome for Mediation through The Separation Program is that some
or all of the child-centered issues are resolved to some degree, if not completely.

However, in any mediation, success is often achieved when:

- the parties are equally satisfied and dissatisfied with what they received and what they gave up (compromise),
- the parties have made an agreement that will position them for filing an uncontested temporary support order or uncontested divorce (cost savings),
- the parties have minimized the amount of conflict they may otherwise have subjected their children to - children's "exposure to conflict" between the
parents is the single most important factor to how well children recover from the trauma of divorce (active caring for the children).

To register for The Separation Program, call our office to get started.