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Families are ever changing. Some changes involve temporary situations, such as marital
separations. Other changes involve distinct breaks, such as divorce. These transitions are
rarely easy.

One Mediation's Divorce Center assists families with making transitions by offering
mediation and arbitration services. We also provide and promote divorce resources, such
as seminars, divorce or mediation coaches (one-on-one consultations), and programs
designed to provide a path through the changes that promote predictability.

In Georgia, every divorce involves some portion of time "in court" since only a judge may
dissolve a marriage. How much time is spent in court, however, is something that
divorcing couples can control by how informed they are about the law, their budgets, and
their options.

Want to learn more? Call us or consider registering for on of our seminars or schedule an
appointment with a mediation coach today. Our coaches can help you learn about the
various avenues that individuals use in the separation and divorce process, what
professional services may be helpful to them, and parenting issues.
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What is divorce mediation?

Ina divorce mediation, the individual parties have agreed to meet with a Mediator who will assist them with making hard decisions about their finances,
family and future. These issues usually involve parenting time, child support, alimony or spousal support, and the division of certain assets and debts.
Unlike a courtroom or arbitration hearing where a third-part will make the decisions for the individuals, mediatorss help people "work it out" themselves,
whether it is all of the issues or some of the issues related to their separation or divorce.

What is divorce arbitration?

Unlike mediation, arbitration involves an agreement between the parties to hire an arbitrator who will make the decisions about their separation or divorce
(or modification). An arbitrator will hear them and consider the evidence related to the issues and render a written decision, which is called an "award."
Sometimes arbitrators may work in conjunction with mediation by "making the call" on an issue that is holding up a complete agreement between the
spouses in mediation. This written award, if the parties have agreed, will be binding upon them and will be filed with an appropriate court that may then
issue a court order on the issues, including the dissolution of the marriage.

What is med-arb?

The hybrid, Med-Arb, involves spouses first mediating the terms of their separation or divorce. What terms cannot be resolved in mediation are then
submitted to an arbitrator to decide. Med-Arb is often favored by couples because they remain in the driver's seat with regard to making as many decisions
as possible, while being assured that all terms are resolved.

The Separation Program, Divorce Program, and Med-Arb Program are two-step in nature and having attorney representation involved is optional. What
makes these programs unique is the attention to preparation for Mediation. Click below for more information on them.
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The Arbitration Program involves the submission of one or more issues related to a couple's separation or divorce to a panel of arbitrators. Each spouse
selects an arbitrator to comprise the two-person panel. The panel will hold a hearing, somewhat like a mini-trial, and issue their decision. Generally, couples
choose whether this arbitration will be binding or non-binding (see O.C.G.A. 19-9-1.1) before the arbitration is held.

Meet our Divorce Mediators:
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